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January 13, 2009

The Considerate Motorist

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1. Directional Signals

Use them! Your yellow lights tell me your intention, and that you are saying “Please”, don’t just cut into other driver’s lane, we’d rather you be polite about coming in.

2. Brake Signs

Fix them! For god’s sake. Nobody can see you lights if they are too dim, or if your lights are a mere 1% of the size of your vehicle. You don’t wanna be a road hazard because, seriously, unless I am 200% awake, Im not gonna know that you intend to slow down or stop. Everyday, I’d see at least 3 vehicles with wacky lights, that work for only one side of the vehicle. Problems with brake lights are more prominent especially so in old cars, trucks, vans, lorries, where their red-glass shields are broken, and their brake lights which should be RED, turn out YELLOW. These cars should just be labelled “unfit for the road”, these lights are muy muy importante. When your lights aren’t functioning as they should, you should quit changing lanes all the time, and stay in your lane unless absolutely necessary, or just completely stay off the road. You are a freaking ROAD HAZARD! I repeat, ROAD HAZARD!

3. Smoke-hand Signals

Keep your hands inside your vehicle! VERY DISTRACTING! Because I would think you’re using hand signls, when all you are doing is just leaving your hands out for your cigaratte sticks to breathe. You are also polluting the air by the way. Why don’t you just sauna-and-steam yourself up in the car? I have a good mind to and slash your extended hand as I whiz by.

4. Keep In Your Own Lane

Seriously! Don’t try to act cool and weave through the traffic. Please you aren’t woven threads. You are a friggin’ human being, in the shell of your vehicle. You don’t occupy other two lanes, not even if you are King of the Universe. And if you aren’t even a new driver, you should seriously think about how you even got to pass your driving test if you can’t keep to your own lane.

5. Riders, Wear Bright Clothes

Don’t act punk and wear your blacks, because in the dark, I need 300% awakeness to notice you. You are but a tiny blood-sucking mosquito in the vast traffic of humans. Tiny, but dangerous. No bright clothes? Well, make your bike lights more obvious.

6. Overly Fast Cars

Don’t you honk at me for strolling when the cars in front are moving at a rate of picometers per second. So what if you overtake me? Im still inches away behind you. And I get to my destination at most a fraction of a second away from you. What’s the hurry?

7. Super Slow Cars

Just keep in your left lanes (or right depends where you are), wherever it’s meant for slow people. Well, unless of course you are turning somewhere else.





Oh why are all the popular academic institutions located at Clementi or Bishan? Massive jams around those areas most of the time. After those exits, my ride’s so smooth I don’t even need brakes till the next exit! Seriously, it’s also unfair that people from the East have to go all the way West for proper education, no wonder on the average, West residents do better than their Eastern counterparts.

Academic advantages are definitely accumulative for West residents!

I’m out.


December 5, 2008

What’s the Use?

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My parents downgraded my UOB infinite card to this

So here I am checking out on the cheap deals I can get… so I scrolled down to the clubbing section. Such a turn on for me, because for me, clubbing is just so forbidden…

Great Clubbing Deals
The Butter Factory
Not applicable on eves of and public holidays.

Preferred Platinum/ Platinum Exclusive
– One-for-one Asahi Beers all night long every Saturday (valid till 12 midnight on nights with guest DJs)

Tuesdays to Saturdays
– Free entry from 9pm to 11pm
– 10% off bottles (Premium bottles only)

CHILLAX – Champagne Promotion (every Tuesdays and Thursdays)
– Moet & Chandon – NV at S$120 nett
– Mumm NV at S$98 nett


Celebratory Treats on 21 and 22 November 2008
– UOB Cards proudly presents Dave Seaman on 29 November 2008

Preferred Platinum/ Platinum Exclusive
– One free drink coupon for the first 100 UOB Cardmembers before 12am
– One-for-one on selected housepours all night long at Zouk

St James Power Station

Tuesday Night Special
– Free entry
– One-for-one off loose drinks and jugs

Terms and Conditions:
Discount is not applicable for bottles, during happy hour and on promotional items.

The Arena
Free entry from 9pm to 11pm (Valid from Monday to Friday from now till 31 Dec 2008 only

What’s the use of a card like that when you can’t do anything with it? What’s the use of driving a car when you are gonna incur all that ERP, all that parking fee, and all that insurance, and all that fuel? I would rather take public transport. I feel less guilty when I do that. Even when I take a cab, I just feel so guilty about how much money I am splurging. I look at how my parents are so stressed out, and here I am, the only thing I know is to spend, and I can’t even live amicably with them. I must try to be a better daughter and sister.

So yeah, I am so broke this year. So many birthdays. Too many friends, presumably it’s quantity over quality. Pathetic ol’ me. I am starting to feel like I am neglecting people. Always giving empty promises on meeting up, always “pangseh-ing” people. So people are starting not to call me out because I always seem to be giving lame excuses and why I can’t go out. Either I am broke, or I have gone out too many times for the week or that my parents are starting to think that’s all I know how to do. I am so overwhelmed trying to be a good daughter, good girlfriend, good friend, good student, all at the same time. Most importantly, I must make myself happy too.

I feel like a hypocrite. Telling people I’ll come. Oh yes, we will meet up. Oh we will hang out during the holidays. It’s holidays now. I do want to. But there’s only one of me. And I want every friendship to be perfect. Not half-done. At least for the people I care about. It suddenly occured to me that I may unintentionally be using people. Although no one feels like that, but when Jason said “We seem to be friends only during exams”, I felt so odd. Many would advice me to just pick a few and be really good to them. But I kinda like everyone. Bleh. I blame my self-proclaimed independence. I blame my need to be alone many times. I blame my love for my bedroom at home. I blame my wallet. I blame my self-induced-laziness.

Why do people have to hang out at night. I have a pathetic unspoken curfew. I have to reject anything that relates to alcohol, clubbing, late nights, and almost anything that puts me in a more dangerous position than I already am. That includes, going too far out into the seas, or travelling alone or in lone company. It would be exhilarating to explore lands by myself, and take lotsa nice pictures and just soak in the beauty and riches of the earth.

Gosh feels soo vulnerable putting this up. I hate seeing myself like that.

Anywase, toodles everyone, going off to Canada for a week or so. Still can’t get a flight with reasonable price. Anyone with lobang? Let me know!


Wow, not cheap at all! Too many transitions, especially cumbersome in the USA. Not good.

November 28, 2008

Unleash My Antidote

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Being Chery’s Bf is a tough thing I must say. High level of endurance, patience and understanding is needed.

Here are 20 things he has to tolerate:

  1. Mood Swings
  2. Rude intonation with no ill intentions intended
  3. Sudden laziness
  4. Bitchy in defensive mode
  5. Super annoying & Irritating
  6. Overly emotional at movies and almost anything namely when Josh Groban, Connie Talbot, and Il Divo sings
  7. Muffin-top, manliness, broad shoulders, broken manly toenails, bitten fingernails, hairy legs & huge athletic calves 
  8. Indulgence in candy, anything corn, bubble tea, chips, fries, icecream & nuts
  9. Excessive use of tissue (Other than that, she is an environmentalist)
  10. Excessive Whining and Complaints about anything
  11. Curfew of about average 10 – 11pm, & no later than 1130 pm
  12. No frequent outings of long hours
  13. Frugal in spending, but doesn’t cheat your money
  14. Calculative when it comes to money
  15. One-sided Hygiene freak (i.e. Can live in own dirt, but can’t really tolerate other people’s dirt)
  16. Parental commitment resulting in last minute “pangseh”
  17. Too many guy friends, and may accidentally try to flirt.
  18. Puts you at priority after family, school, work, you, friends, in respective order. 
  19. Has to let go of my hand near my house
  20. Cannot chat too frequently on phone

So my poor boyfriend. This is what you have gotten yourself into.

20 things you hate about me. Happiness is a choice though. Are you game enough?

I am poison. Need antidote?

November 26, 2008

Protected: Sad :(

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

November 22, 2008

My Gmail Theme

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gtheme1First try:

Okay, scholarly funkiness!

gtheme2Second try:

Cool Ninjas!! Not too shabby!

gtheme3Third try:

How cute! Girlish! Gonna stick with this! 🙂 A Typical Girl’s #1 Choice!

November 3, 2008

Exam Timetable

Pissed at how there are still foreign workers lurking around my house. From my previous exam (Previously, See This/That) till this semester’s examinations, their stupid construction work still not done!!!

Since I lost my Nokia 6233 at East Coast Park, I haven’t been taking pictures for the longest time, but with my lousy Motorola SLVR L7c (not sure of the model, but it looks somewhat like that), I took a picture of the current construction site which I am just too lazy to upload. Well, from now on, I only want lousy cheap phones. The logic is: I won’t be heartbroken over any unforseen losses nor will I cry when I drop my phone, nor will I be too reliant on too good a phone.

Anyhow, I did not SU any of these subjects. So kudos to me.


Not gonna update for abit, but thank you to the following people:

  • Mom (for doing all the household chores for my comfort)
  • Khaiyuen (for understanding me throughout this period, & feeding me all the time!)
  • Benson (for helping Sharifah & I painstakingly)
  • Sharifah (for your notes and friendship)
  • Yan Qin (for teaching KMP even though Im not close to you)
  • Calvin (for explaining Virtual Memory for my Oral Assessement)
  • Jason (for helping me with O.S Concepts)
  • CSC peeps (for being the best coursemates ever in the entire school, selflessness is a CSC trait)


In Huiwen’s hilarious entry, she wrote about how her relationship with Glenn has upped one level. When she complains that his armpit stink and he strongly denies it, she will rub his armpits with her finger and hold it up to his nose for a whiff.

Funny comment by her friend:

“tsk. FAIL. the correct method is to use his finger and rub, den make him smell his own finger. ^^” 

Well, so has MY relationship with Khaiyuen! We upped one level too! Now we can do disgusting things like fart in front of each other repeatedly and uncontrollably. He upped it one level by now farting right in my face or in the phone. DISGUSTING, and TURNED-OFF!!! On the brightside, when you are able to fart in each other’s presence without shame, you have successfully maxed the next level. Congratulations!

Disclaimer: Huiwen is my favourite all-time blogger and my best few buddies in RA Gang. She blogs interestingly, and not lengthy naggy stuff like mine 🙂

 Entries on hold:
– Summer with RAG
– Saturdays with BF
– Family & Friends’ Birthdays
– My Asperger’s Syndrome

October 3, 2008

How Beautiful Society Is

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1. F1 Formula Grand Prix

The F1’s first-ever night Grand Prix held in Singapore was finally over. Although I am impressed by Singapore’s efficiency and organization, and very proud of Singapore’s beautiful skyline against tracks, I must say that Singapore is too small to handle fast cars. The track was kinda small at the widths and the pitstops were inadequate (I’m not an F1 follower, therefore I may be too quick to judge).

Singapore’s traffic on a normal day itself excluding the Grand Prix preparations were already conjested enough, if Singapore cannot handle a normal day, what makes an event like that smooth-sailing?

I watched the Singapore Grand Prix on TV, and needless to elaborate, but the most exciting events were probably all the mishaps of:

  • Nelsinho Piquet of Renault crashing into the wall.
  • Felipe Massa driving away with the fuel tube still attached, and his fellow Ferarri teammate, Raikkonen, had to come on in right behind at the pitstop keeping the technician crew busy and then running a 250m race to detach the fuel pipe, causing him to drop all the way down from lead position.
  • Kimi Raikkonen, whose race was compromised by being directly behind Massa in a pit stop queue, and then crashing into the wall with three laps remaining while running fifth.


I have always wanted to own a Ferrari, but I know it’s impossible, but I have a virtual Ferrari, right after upgrading my virtual Bugatti Veyron from a virtual McLaren. Althought this whole event didn’t turn out unfortunate for the Ferarri team.

2. Tainted Milk Products

I am guilty of eating sweets in abnormally large amounts within a few hours of purchase. I have in my lifetime ate lotsa Rabbit Candy, and Mentos Yoghurt, and Oreo Wafer Sticks. How do I know I am okay? I think I am alive and kicking and perfectly fine. Perhaps other junk food in my body has relieved my body of melanine…

3. Invisible Disability

Some guy recently wrote about how people with unobvious disabilities have it worse than people with obvious disabilities. Do not quote me. But I think that is extremely true. Do people give their seats to people with Invisible Disabilities? Sadly, not really.

Once, I had a bandaged foot, I stood on the train for almost half and hour, and no one seemed to notice, until I limped out of the MRT door. It really sucks, that’s when I thought next time, I have to make my disabilty more obvious. Another time, I felt really dizzy and sick. But no one gave up their seat for me because I looked healthy, fit, and fine.

Although there are priority seats, people should really use their discretion on seat-deserving people. Not only do they have to give up seats to the elderly, kids, and the pregnant, they should also look out for people with Invisible Disabilities or people carrying many heavy bags. What I am saying is, do not be so rigid, discretion must be exercised!

Sometimes, I feel really guilty sitting down while a frail-looking woman stood in front of me. But I was really tired, so I didn’t give up my seat. I looked around and saw people in their noisy chatter, those people look energetic enough to give up their seats. But no, that woman doesn’t qualify as “elderly”, “pregnant”, or “young children”. Even my mom with spinal injuries, if I were her, I would never take public transport either. She looks perfectly fine, and no one would ever think about giving her their seats. Anyway, I think parents all have long tiring days, I think they are all seat-deserving people. Everytime I see a parent, I would try to give up my seat. I do not give overweight people seats, because I think they need to exercise a little more stamina standing on the busses. Yep yep. I think I am so bias, yet so fair.

There you go. Kudos to me. LOL. Okay, not funny.

October 1, 2008

People of the Week & Five Cents

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“Dad, there’s a gory dead lizard in my room. No one dares to clear it up, do you mind helping me get rid of it tmr?” 

So the above was my SMS to my Dad, so in the afternoon, he came all the way to my room to clear it up for me. And my Mom, she cut her fingers while cutting up vegetables for dinner, but still continued cooking scrumptious dinner for 7 people, and today she made me spaghetti despite being sick.

My parents are awesome, and it’s not just one incident.

My friend Stef from Canada, she was all eager to help me with my assignment. So there you go, I had extra days to work on it, and I’m still far from done.

My friend Benson, I guess he would have been sleeping in hall, but I asked a favour to get help with my lab, and he was alll eager too, and explains well, even though I am far from done again.

My boyfriend Khai Yuen, thinking about me, before, during, and after sleep.

What can I say? I guess I am a very blessed girl. I am very thankful. And I thank God for showing me how great people are. Some love is subtle and sweet. I love my family and friends.

It’s Not JUST 5-cents, OK?

Ok, you might say that I am easily pissed. But on Monday, I was pissed because my 5-cents was undermined. This incident happened around 730pm. 

I went to 7eleven to get Tapioca chips, the cost was $1.45. So from my wallet, I dug out $1.50. So I am suppose to get 5-cents change right?? But no, the very eloquent 7eleven lady at NTU (the one who prominently greets people with clearly articulated inflections “Welcome to 7eleven”), she stared at me and told me, “Sorry do you have 5 cents? We don’t have 5 cents”. I looked at her with a blank expression surpassing hers. Okay what does she expect me to do? So I am suppose to be gracious like every other student and say, nevermind it’s okay. Because it’s JUST 5-cents right? No big deal right?

She repeated, “Sorry don’t have 5cents”. So a kind girl behind went, “It’s okay. I have 5 cents!” So the 7eleven counter girl was holding on to the 5-cents not knowing what to do with it, she eloquently repeated to me as if I was dumb, “We don’t have 5 cents”. Okok, so now she has 5 cents from the girl, so she can give me 10-cents right? And it’s not my fault that she doesn’t have change for me! Even if she really didn’t have 5 cents, she could have just given me 10 cents in the first place because I am a customer right? And the customer is always right, right?  Shamlessly, she nearly used that girl’s 5 cents for my change? The proper logic should be this: The girl is chipping in 5 cents for me, so 7eleven should give me 10-cents. Don’t tell me they don’t even have ten cents?? Why don’t they just close down and stop operation then?

For gawd’s sake, this is 7eleven with a reputation, not some Mama store and I am sure she has 5-cents somewhere. Too lazy to take out huh? 7eleven is rich, I am sure they can afford 10 cents and not eat my 5 cents up. They like to add 5 cents to everything. E.g. $X.X5 would be the cost of something. Plus they overprice everything. Like I can get almost anything they sell there for wayyy cheaper elsewhere, except for those products unique to 7eleven. Was 7eleven nice to me when I lacked just 5-cents away from purchasing the item? And in the end, I have to see my ten-dollar note split up, and more coins in my wallet? No, 7eleven never pardoned my 5-cents, so why should I let them go for not having 5-cents?

I demand my 5-cents. But due to saving face, I just be the magnanimous person I really am and said “Nevermind”. So I took the 5-cents off her, and gave it back to the girl and said “Thank You”. Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have said thank you. It’s 7eleven’s fault. They should rectify the problem. But not one word of thanks from her, and not one look of apology.

I am making a big fuss of this because, it is 7eleven, or cheers. Not some Mama store. I would have found it easier to part with my 5-cent in other ways. Not this way.

What would you have done?


My sister said that if there was no one around there, she would say “then give me 10 cents”. And even my really non-calculative, magnanimous sister said that.

My boyfriend would have said “Nevermind”, but after I persued the question, he told me he would have given 7eleven the 5 cents from the girl, taken the 10-cent change from 7eleven, and then give that girl the change. The logic is as such: Either ways I will have to forgo 5-cents, so instead of letting 7eleven have it. Why not let the girl have my 5 cents?

Good call!

Well, I know this commotion may seem trivial and calculative. But even if it’s just five cents. But I feel this is unjust to my 5-cent coin! And what if I am really poor and every cent I save matters alot to me?

What do you guys think? What would you guys do?

September 23, 2008

Unconventional Love Story

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Almost 21+ years of singlehood, as of 31st July 2008, I finally got attached. Khaiyuen is the unlucky guy.

My very first memories of him went as far back as when we were both 13 years old, naive and playful. He was this guy in class whom always got paired up with this other girl he least wanted to be paired up with. He took it very well, and laughed it off. I find that intriguing and somewhat attractive. KY claims he had a crush on me in Secondary One. Thereafter, vague memories of my sitting partner, Royston, devising plans on letting KY in on an imaginary secret admirer, we named her and even gave her an email account. Lol. For many years, KY isn’t sure of this admirer’s authenticity. Hohoho.

Our class had several class outings with our very young and pretty relief science teachers. Pasir Ris Park (or was it East Coast Park) was one outing that stood out in my memory. Lol. On till upper secondary, there became less interaction, and occasional bump-into-each-other along the corridors, and several combine classes together of which I was quite invisible. 

I then disappeared somewhere for a couple of years, with occasional MSN and phone calls back. Although we didn’t have much to remember by then, we have new memories to create.

So ever since I came back, we went mostly in various different groups for movies, Karaoke (too many to remember), had people linking/pairing both of us up, played Basketball, played about two whole sets of Mahjong (one of which I was big winner, and the other I was big-time loser), sneaked in Dblo and leaving super early before the crowds, game cafes, prank calls, twice his visits to NTU, Sentosa, birthday parties, etc. Come to think of it, we hung out quite alot of times with mutual friends. Even when KY wasn’t physically around, he has somewhat or rather crept in our group outings. Notably, Toilet Gang and I held a competition to see who could best imitate his pictures. LOL. Oh another time, his gang (they named themselves Agua Pella, which you can all assume “extreme gayness” connotation) and myself played badminton and had lunch together, afterwhich we were on the verge of going to his house for a very gay pillow fight. All in all, I have to say that KY is good-natured, and good fun. I feel very happy whenever he’s around, although we quarrel quite alot!

I remember mostly making fun of him all the time, but he has unintentionally been nice to me. If one were to ask me what sparked this unforeseen, unpredictable relationship, I would probably have to attribute it to a) Mahjong of which KY paid for my big losses: I felt a sudden rush of emotions constituting of gratitude and possibilities of KY liking me, thereby I have requited; b) After a karaoke outing, I linked his arm with mine to annoy him, and as I forced my arm in, I began to like the feeling of his linked arms with mine. I guess I fell in love.

Thereafter, we had several one on one outings, of which is too many to illustrate here. But here‘s a sneak preview! After which we STILL quarrel alot. He gives me lots of headaches, but many sweet moments as well. I guess the trend for us is: Quarrel every Monday, make up every Friday.

I guess there’s never lack of laughter when we are both on our prowess! He is mine, and I am his. No more fickleness, greater learning, and more growing up to do! Oh one more thing, We can sweep sushi buffet plates clean together :P! 

L’Amour De Ma Vie

September 13, 2008

Alien in Empty Space

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A smile is contagious.

But so is bad mood.

I have been feeling rather anti-social. I don’t feel like cheery all the time anymore. People in class have told me that I have quieten down. Perhaps even more “feminine” quoting a random few CSC classmates.

Jokingly, “Because of Boyfriend?”

Jokingly, “Yah! Can’t flirt that much anymore! :)”

Today I have been mostly happy for no reason. I went out with Mom to have a hair cut. Then for the past few hours, I have been sitting at my desk. Staring into space doing absolutely nothing.

Sudden bout of depression came in.

I feel like I wanna be alone. I dont wanna laugh anymore. Sometimes when I feel sad, I need a listening ear.

Then I think again, why do I have to bother complaining and whining and irritate the ears out of people. So these days I just wallow in self-delusional sadness and happiness, comforting myself because I didnt wanna bother people anymore too. I read through that whole load of SMSes that I just saw. I feel empty. I feel moodless.

Lately my cell’s giving me problems with receiving phone calls or SMSes late or just not being in service. Perhaps I just I havent been listening out for vibrations coming from my phone. 

Before I used to look forward to going online, look forward to checking SMSes. Now, Im just satisfied not doing anything. I rarely go online, and even if I do, I don’t go on MSN nor even facebook for that matter. I just wanna sleep.

I like to think Im good with people, lots of people think I have lotsa friends. I guess Im good with making friends, and joking around, I feel comfortable talking nonsense and making myself look foolish doesn’t bother me to much extent. I am thankful to meet real people who are genuine, nice and so much about these people. They are interesting and have so much insights to offer. Noteably, many CSC people. Here’s a shoutout to you all because I think I’m lucky to be in this course where many awesome people exist harmoniously. Very thankful and happy. Although I do like to sit alone in class, or even eat alone in the canteen. I have been rather happy in some of my new classes with new people. Noteably, Munling, Genevieve, Weilian, Charlotte, Yiting, Valerie, Jazreel, Yen Roo, Diyanna, Diyanna’s friend, Xin Ying, etc. They probably don’t know but they make me happy.  

On a sad note, I think I have unintentionally pissed off all the important people that I love most. Family as well as friends. I have been calculative. I don’t like to owe people anything, neither do I like them to owe me anything. What’s a few dollars if you could keep a friendship? But were they ever around when I have been calculating how far I could use that ten dollars and how some few times I don’t have enough for a bus ride. Sure you could say “Go work”, yeah, but that needs planning, and I wasn’t expecting to have to end up with that little amount of money with 21st birthdays coming up and eating out with friends always have been rather expensive. Then again, when I eventually get a top up, I feel like a hypocrite saying I have none. It’s not about having money, it’s about having money when you need it later. 

I have also been insensitive, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I care. I feel misunderstood many a times. But no amount of explaining can do anything because it was just be regarded as excuses. Or Im just too lazy to explain anymore. Im just thinking, these people I love most, who matters to me most, how come they still don’t really know what is in me and what I think? Am I really from another planet?

So this entry, I wrote. I have put my vulnerable side online for all to see. There you go, Im not always cheery as you all think… Maybe, I have too many depressed friends who tell me they look happy, but those are just fronts. And it’s not just one friend telling me that.

What happened? Did a moody cloud just hovered around the earth casting moody spells? Aren’t I suppose to be the sunshine, light and laughter of the day to people? I remember a pretty Kazakhstan friend once said that I was “Sunshine”. That really brightened up my day. Then again, I kept telling her she was pretty. Because she really was.

Mom asked me if I wanted to make phone calls overseas. I wanted to. Then again, I didnt want to because I have nothing to say, but sadness to divulge, things to complain. I don’t need to spread sadness, whines and complains around. But overall, I am thankful that God still showers so much love from people around me. Thank you.

Now all I ask for is to be the best daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student, person that I can ever be.


Ohh I found a nice Thumbdrive of 4 GB as compared to my measly 1 GB. I saw in it this person’s name and an orientation contact list. So I called the person up. How nice of me. Because when I lost my previous Thumbdrive, I never got it back!! So my friend said “Some china guy took it”. LOL. What about the other time when I lost my Nokia 6233 at East Coast Park and no one returned me? I bet that store uncle took it, left early, switched off my phone and never had any intentions of returning it.

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